Sex at Six

My mom brought this to my attention because it reminded her of my older post, Deadly Princesses.

“Parents decry marketers who push sexuality on little girls” is an interesting article that goes further than I had in my own post. Beside the fact that this article is very flat-out about its facts, one thing really stood out to me:

“Try padded, push-up bikini tops from Abercrombie & Fitch, designed for girls as young as 7 and 8.”

I have never gone into Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F). I don’t really shop as often as I did when I was younger but I have been in a mall recently. A month or two ago, I was in Anchorage Mall. As I walked past A&F, turned and looked, I saw the large picture selling skin, and walked past, disgusted. I, in my teenage years, didn’t want to walk into this store selling something that typically has “M-17” pasted across it. They show these pictures up front and yet little seven-year old are somehow able to walk all the way in and buy push up anything. What do they have to push up?! How are they able to buy it anyway? Do they have a credit card next to their Blackberry in their Tinkerbell purses?