Great Guys

Earlier I wrote a piece about modern girls and Disney princesses, titled ‘Deadly Princesses’. There was one part where I wrote “when they look around them they realize Prince Charming has not come yet so they force him to. Any guy with any sort of charm is the Prince, even if he’s really a Gaston.” Since I wrote that piece and went through my day, then I came back and I thought over that line. Soon, I started going over the guys in my life. I will admit that I was honestly surprised that there were so many good guys in my life that I found. I did not come up with an exact number but I stopped counting when I realized I would have to take my socks off to continue.
The first reason why this surprised me is because of all of the standard female lines in movies “Where did all the good guys go?” my answer, “Alaska, apparently”. The second reason why this surprised me is because I never really noticed that I was surrounded by a lot of pretty good guys.
After the surprise washed over me I thought, “If any girl ends up with one of these guys and think he’s just another guy, I feel sorry for of them”. First because none of these guys are normal guys, for so many reasons that I would have to write a whole other piece to cover it all. Secondly, because she wouldn’t see treasure she had.
Then I thought about the guys again and smiled. I was proud that even though they could have become not- so- nice guys they didn’t. They became great guys that are great friends to me.
Thank you guys for being great friends! Please never change for the worst!

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