Deadly Princesses

Disney princesses all teach us something. That might be why they are plastered on little girls walls, back packs, books, and in their minds. Belle in Beauty and the Beast shows us that it’s the inside that counts, the outside doesn’t matter. Cinderella shows is to love people for who they are, not where they come from. Ariel shows us that even big dreams can come true as long as you try, and don’t just sit around waiting for it to come to you.
Sadly, in this sense, girls don’t read between the lines. They don’t try to listen to Belle and look at the inside. They are stuck on the outside. They look at the princesses outside then their own. Once their body is not equivalent to an hourglass they try and force it. They either abstain from real food or they force it back out.
Then when they look around them they realize Prince Charming has not come yet so they force him to. Any guy with any sort of charm is the Prince, even if he’s really a Gaston.
From my point of view, modern girls are trying to force their “Happily Ever After” only to find their “The End”. Then no one finds their “Happily Ever After Their End”.

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