big and bigger and BIGGER

When I’m on the ground my world seems huge. Then I get on the horses. They make me feel small. Then I climb a tree and look at the leaves. The veins are so intricate, it’s amazing. Later, I travel to visit family in the lower 48. I look out of the window and I see this little black dot that is around the size of my pinky nail. That dot is a large tree. It may not be the tree I climbed but someone else probably did. That intricate leaf is super small compared to that big tree.
Then when I’m in the plane and look at that tree it is super small compared to the horizon. Looking at aerial views of the earth I see North America. The state that big tree is in isn’t even a dot. Then if you pull even further back, you can’t even see the dot in the Milky Way galaxy. The Milky Way is only one galaxy in the entire universe.
And then God is even bigger than the universe. Not just a tiny bit bigger but a WHOLE LOT bigger. Wow. He’s that big and he still cares about me. WOW!