Green Rider

I am a homeschooled kid and I love to read. That is a good thing because I not only have to read assigned books and write about them (some of them aren’t that bad), but I also have to read “Student Choice Books” (which means just about anything I want to read that isn’t on the assigned list) and write a little something on them.
My first “Student Choice Book” is Green Rider by Kristen Britain and it is the first part of a three book series (her site ). At first I thought this book would be under my grade level (which it is not) and would be an “easy reader” but once I started reading it I realized how well this book was written. I would like to add more to what I will say (or type) below, but then I might give away the ending to an excellent book.

Karigan G’Ladheon is just your typical schoolgirl that is the daughter of a wealthy merchant. Right? That is besides the fact that she was expelled from school because she fought Timas Mirwell, heir to Mirwell Providence, and won. And besides the fact that while running away she got a “life or death” message for King Zachary from a dying Green Rider who made her swear not to read the letter and to protect it with her life until she gets to the castle in Sacor City. No problem.
Karigan does make it to Sacor City, and the King does get the letter. The only problem, there were two letters for the King. One not so important, the other written in code and the one that meant the life or the death of the King. The latter the King did not get. Not only is there danger to King Zachary but to everyone in Sacoridia. And Karigan is a stubborn girl and everyone is trying to keep her out of harm’s way. They won’t be able to stop her. That is the Intrigue, like the board game that is so prevalent in the story.

Five out of five stars

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    Beside the fact that you repeted this phrase… Good ideas. We will work on what makes a good blog post for the future books.
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