Beer + Fireworks= Bad News

Now there are lots of reasons not to get drunk. There’s the fact that if you drink and drive the cops will arrest you. Some people just get mean when they are drunk. Women aren’t supposed to get drunk when they are pregnant because they may hurt the baby. You are not supposed to get drunk when you are working with mechanical equipment because you can hurt yourself and others. And I’m pretty sure that the boss wouldn’t want you to get drunk at work, no explanation necessary. This Sunday on the 4th of July I experienced why you’re not supposed to get drunk when playing with fireworks.
I went to a good friend’s house, and we set off our own fireworks. They went straight up, if they went anywhere at all. When we were done, and we were watching some children and young at heart play with the sparklers and the poppers something frightening happened. The people above us on the hill began to do their fireworks.
Now at first we were okay with that. We got to watch more fireworks, but they stopped going up. They went over the line of trees separating the houses. Then the fireworks were being shot at us. Finally, one flew directly above our heads, and as soon it got above us it exploded like it was supposed to. It hit a couple of us in the buttocks and it hit me on my hand but that was not the worst of it.
Mr. C., the 82 year old man that was among us, was also hit on the hand but his injury was larger than two quarters put side by side. He is a veteran of World War II and never liked fireworks. The ironic thing is that he had just started to enjoy them, and then he got injured.
The police were called and one child with us said, “That is not the kind of bright lights I thought I would see tonight.” The problem was resolved but I do believe that a grizzly bear would be scared of the moms that were there that night.

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  1. Logan says:

    Ohh gosh! how freaky!!!

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